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Discover the secrets of the most successful online brands out there. DOWNLOAD NOW >

World P – Top Reasons to Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Listing- What to Know

In the world of e-commerce, Amazon is a dominant platform for sellers to market their products. With a vast array of engaged online shoppers, it’s easy for you to sell your products on this channel. More than just promoting your goods, however, you should do what it takes to make the most of this channel for your business. One effective way is to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing. This is a powerful strategy that your business can implement. 

In the following section, we’ll discuss why this is important and what you can do to accomplish this effectively.

Importance of external traffic

As an online business trying to thrive in Amazon, the goal is to earn many organic sales. This, however, can be quite a challenge knowing the competitive state of Amazon. Another way to do this is to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing. Doing so will accomplish two results: 1) help your business rank higher, and 2) create another path to get sales. To explain further, here’s how external traffic can help:

  • BSR boost: The Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a score that Amazon assigns a specific product. You can boost your business’ BSR by driving more traffic to your product listing. The formula is relatively simple and straightforward. The more traffic you create, the more sales you will generate for your products.
  • Keyword rankings: Sales velocity is one of the significant considerations in Amazon’s search algorithm. With external traffic, this can better translate into keyword rankings. That said, external traffic can be an excellent supplement for your Amazon traffic by driving extra views to your listing.
  • Rising above competition: Amazon has been an incredibly competitive market in recent years. That said, you’ll find it hard to get seen in the first few organic results in Amazon. You’ll also have to deal with Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ads. Given the related products chosen and shown by Amazon, it’s hard to showcase your product on its own in Amazon. However, doing so on another channel can make a difference. That’s why external traffic works better for your business.
  • Email list: An email list is an essential aspect of an online business. However, it’s hard to collect emails while selling on Amazon, knowing that this channel firmly protects customers’ information. That said, the key distinction is whether you make contact before or after they get to Amazon. By making contact with customers before they reach Amazon, you can gather their contact details and generate more leads for your business.

// Final words

Given the competitive e-commerce market, driving external traffic is a way to let your business thrive in this powerful platform. Not only does it provide you with another channel to draw in sales, but it will also help you rank higher and attain more organic sales.

At this point, your online business should be aggressive enough to stand out in the market and do what it takes to generate more sales for your business. Consider taking advantage of driving external traffic to your Amazon listing to gain success for your e-commerce business.

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