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World P – Top 6 Profitable Product Categories on Amazon – What to Know

If you are thinking of what products to sell on Amazon, know that there are over 300 million products and many more sellers on the platform. Whether a new or an experienced seller, it still will be challenging to find the right category that will be worth their time and energy. 

One of the best ways to identify the best products to sell on Amazon is to know its most profitable categories. What makes these categories successful is because of their high sales, satisfactory products, generated traffic, and positive reviews. 

Knowing what makes profitable categories can help you leverage your product pages as well. Before you do that, let’s explore the six most popular categories on Amazon. 

1. Toys & games

Movie-themed toys, especially the ones from Disney and Pixar, are bestsellers on Amazon. Educational and generic games on the platform also gain much attention and sales. Every year, Amazon posts an annual Holiday Toy List that allows them to guide customers’ buying behaviour. The list provides them with information on the top 100 toys and games of the year to encourage customers to take action. 

2. Electronics

The world is fast evolving into a tech-driven planet. Everywhere you go, technology is vastly available. Know that there are millions of products within this Amazon category, and the platform helps the customers by sharing its Best of Prime every year. The list typically contains the products that Prime members bought most within that specific year. 

3. Cameras & photo

Know that this is a sub-section within the electronics category. In this category, you’ll find cameras, camera accessories, and equipment for photography. Surprisingly, some of the most popular products under this sub-section are surveillance cameras. 

4. Video games

Amazon has a significant focus on the video games section because of its worth. In fact, it’s grown to be one of the most profitable categories on the platform, as it’s worth $100 billion. If you’re thinking of breaking into this category, you have to know the audience and the kind of video games they play so that you can effectively cater to their needs. 

5. Books

Know that Amazon now offers Kindle products. Also, the type of book that sells the most on the platform is self-help, children’s books, and literature. 

6) Clothing, shoes & jewellery

Amazon is now a growing platform that offers clothing and fashion accessories. The platform also houses a few fashion brands, though customers are keener on low-cost options. 

At this point, you now know the best categories on Amazon, so evaluate the best product category that you want to tap into and start selling! Aside from knowing these categories, you must also be aware of customers’ behaviours on the platform as well as other strategies that can help increase the visibility of your products on search engines. 

Selling products on Amazon requires a robust strategy in place and a set of marketing skills that can help leverage your overall products. To be a profitable seller on the platform, invest time and effort to doing continuous research because this will help you gain insights into the evolving needs of your target audience. 

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