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World P- Our Guide to Writing an Effective Amazon Product Title – What to Know

Most tech-savvy companies know how to use technology to their advantage. With a compelling product title, your business is one step away from hitting your target sales. The more your customers can see your product, the more they will buy it and generate an exponential amount of sales. If your company wants to get to know this strategy more, we listed below the key points to writing an effective amazon product title.

  1. Know the basics of writing standard titles.

Before you can switch up your titles according to your category, you need to know the basic rules of writing a standard product title. Follow these three basic rules to keep your business on par with others:

  • When using measure words, always spell them out, such as inch, ounce, and pound.
  • On the other hand, do not spell out numbers such as ‘four,’ write 4 instead.
  • Always capitalize the first letter of each word in a title.
  1. Follow the rules for product-specific titles.

When you’re selling items in a variety of colours and sizes, it’s best if you include the details in the title. Amazon recommends that you include the list of information of your product in the order of brand, model number, model name, product type, and colour. An example given by Amazon is a kitchen mixer, which should include ‘KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan 5-Quart Mixer, Empire Red’ in its title.

  1. Give room for flexibility for keyword searches.

Contrary to the point mentioned above, you should determine if you need more flexibility in your keyword search. You should gauge if a specific item needs to be narrowed down, or should have more room for flexibility. For example, instead of writing every detail, you can leave out some information, such as the quantity or colour. In that way, the product can still appear if the customer searches with the said qualities.

  1. Avoid promotional and pricing descriptors.

When writing a title, it might be tempting to resort to traditional marketing strategies, such as flashing subjective descriptions. Some of the common descriptors are “Great,” “Hot Seller,” or “Best.” Try a more restrained way of writing a title to avoid making your title look like spam. Make more subtle attempts to announce a discount price or shipping promo, instead of directly saying “Free Shipping” or “Sale.” This has the risk of putting off customers, especially the more tech-savvy ones.

  1. Take note of the things to avoid.

In crafting your product title, avoid using unnecessary characters, such as symbols and type 1 high ASCII characters. It would help if you avoided capitalization when you use prepositions of four letters or fewer, as well as for conjunctions and articles. Lastly, you should avoid including the brand or merchant name for your product, especially if it is not well-known. Instead, focus on a standout feature, such as the design or pattern of the item. 


Your Amazon product title creates a significant impact on your sales goals since it creates an avenue for customers to find your product. With a simple glance, your customers should be able to grasp the whole idea of the product. This will make their decision to buy come more easily, which is great for hitting your company’s sales goals.

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