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World P – 5 Tips for Making a Mark in the Amazon Marketplace

5 Tips for Making a Mark in the Amazon Marketplace

When setting up an online e-commerce store, you’ll reap a lot of benefits with the Amazon Marketplace. The platform has over a million sellers, over 12 million products, and is the world’s largest internet retailer. Third-party sellers account for the majority of units sold on Amazon, so it seems like setting up a store and managing it through the platform is the key to online success. However great all that sounds, things are not so simple.

Though you have immense growth potential, a worldwide reach, and an identifiable consumer base, you still have to do your research to make all these factors work in your favor. Setting a company up on Amazon will not translate to profit unless you take care of your visibility. Here are a few tips to try if you want to succeed on this platform:

  1. Find a differentiator

Before selling on Amazon, you need to do some product research. Identify the categories you want to sell in, and browse what the bestsellers are. It makes sense to target these kinds of items too—there’s a lot of demand for them, after all—but don’t stop at giving what everyone else is providing. 

See what the reviews say about the product, and note what people love, hate, and wish your competitor’s product could do. You can highlight how your products address their concerns when you write your own copy. If people complain about picture quality, upload images with better lighting. Always be on the lookout to provide more value.

  1. Do the copyright legwork

Register your brand. This saves you from a lot of headaches down the road and stops shady vendors from using your brand name on knock-offs. Registering can be a long process and might delay your launch if you don’t plan it correctly. 

While this seems troublesome to do, getting yourself trademarked unlocks the Amazon A+ feature, which allows you to put more information about the product on the product page, and allows you to do the same on your brand’s homepage as well. This will help you stand out from the crowd of independent sellers.

  1. Provide product details

Make sure your products always come up as the top result in product searches by providing detailed information in the listing. Include things like item dimensions, color, a short description of what the product is and what it does, and other keywords that might find its way to users’ searches.

This is fine if you have less than twenty kinds of items in rotation. You can put those product descriptions in on your own. However, it becomes a bigger project when you have dozens of types of items. Amazon fulfilment specialists will help with this.

  1. Treat it like SEO

Getting your products noticed by the Amazon algorithm works in many ways, but it’s most similar to getting your website seen by a search engine. Thus, it’s important to note what keywords your product falls within to help you improve your chances of getting customers. Go all out with keywords: choose as many keywords as possible to incorporate into the description of what you’re selling. 

A keyword scout will help optimize your listing. Products that have fewer keywords rank lower, so finding a lot of high-quality keywords is essential.

  1. Make your customers happy

Like in any business transaction, good customer service is the quickest way to climb in Amazon’s rankings. Customers like dealing with sellers who respond promptly and can work through inquiries and returns in a personable way. Your customer service, while usually the most overlooked part of selling online, can affect many aspects of your business.

Two of these aspects are your customer reviews and the chances of repeat customers. Having good reviews helps convince more people to buy your product. However, bad reviews can be a turn-off and cause consumers to distrust you. And so, having good customer service will make it more likely for you to get good reviews. Plus, if your service is excellent, you might even be able to your customers for a review directly.


Standing out in any competitive field is difficult. However, if you know your product well, can convey your knowledge to consumers, and learn how to do business efficiently and kindly, you will find success on almost any platform. Hiring an Amazon fulfilment team can also help. These professionals make it their job to help small e-commerce stores succeed online.

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