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World P – 5 Attributes of a Reliable Product on Amazon – What to Know

There are a handful of considerations to make if you want to thrive and be successful on Amazon. These include setting your Amazon seller account, choosing a self-fulfilled or FBA option, writing a compelling product description, posting striking product photos, and having Amazon product promotion, among others. The key to successful selling on Amazon, however, boils down to the quality of the products sold. In this case, the goal is to sell a product that is in high demand but with low competition.

The question is: how do you find products that are of high demand yet have low competition? In this article, we’ll share with you five attributes of what to consider as a good product on Amazon. Keep on reading to get some tips on how you can sell great products on this powerful e-commerce platform for your business to grow, thrive, and succeed.

1. Retail price 

According to Amazon, the retail price ranging from $25 to $50 is good. This makes it easy to cover direct costs, such as Amazon’s fees, cost of goods sold, and for advertising. When products are sold for higher than $50, chances are that you will receive a lower conversion rate. This means that fewer people will likely see and purchase the products you’re selling that are above $50.

2. Low seasonality

If you have the option to sell certain products, veer away from seasonal products. Unless your business is specialised in products that are produced and sold at a particular time of the year, consider those products with low seasonality. This is because Amazon prefers more products that sell throughout the year and not just during specific seasonal periods. You can use the Google Trend Report built right into the Chrome Extension to detect seasonal sales spikes. By doing so, you can easily avoid investing in seasonal products.

3. Small and lightweight 

When it comes to the size and weight, products that are small (fits in a shoebox) and lightweight (not too heavy or bulky) are more saleable on Amazon. This is because they are much faster and easier to import. To have high returns, you don’t want to ship or send an item that will be too expensive and heavy to import.

4. Constant improvement

Products that have constant improvement will always take the spotlight. The best way to improve on this is to make adjustments based on your competitor’s product reviews. From there, make sure to continuously innovate the products that you can offer to the market. By doing so, both your loyal and potential customers won’t hesitate to place their orders for the products you are selling.

5. Simplicity in manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing, the simpler it is the better. Chances are that you don’t want to run into quality control or manufacturing challenges. As indicated by Amazon, you may not want to sell glass, electronics, or highly complex products, unless that’s what your business specialises in.

There’s no denying that Amazon’s catalogue has millions of products for users to look through. To make sure your products take the spotlight in a sea of competition, keep in mind some key elements, as stated above. Doing so will make a significant difference in helping your customers choose the most saleable products, getting them sold, and having your business succeed in the long run.

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