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World P – 3 Tips for Selling Successfully on Amazon This 2020 – Our Guide

With the ever-expansive online consumer market poised to grow competitively in 2020, selling on every digital marketplace and attaining success is expected to become much more difficult, especially when it comes to selling on Amazon

The strife of selling on Amazon

Selling successfully on Amazon has never really been a breeze because of how packed the entire marketplace is with millions of different merchants and hundreds of alternatives for each product. The difficulty of selling on Amazon is best exemplified in the fact that any given product has at least 50 different alternatives, even more so due to the fact that the platform’s complex search engine isn’t getting any easier to figure out. 

Fortunately, stepping into a new year and attaining success on this e-commerce platform isn’t impossible as long as you pay attention to key details and information in mind. 

Tips for succeeding on Amazon

If you want to start the year off with a bang and boost sales rates by the end of the first quarter, then look no further because we’ve got you covered with a few tips that you can use to conquer Amazon in 2020: 

1. Any item with the fastest checkout will always win

A long-established fact that every Amazon seller needs to know is that transactional relationships are still the norm. This means that it’s best to fill a customer’s needs for any item with the least amount of friction possible. 

Generally speaking, transactional relationships are mostly found with commodity goods, such as light bulbs, diapers, toilet paper, and shampoo, to name a few. The best way to achieve a transactional relationship is to cut out every potential friction point in your listings so that you can shorten the entire checkout process by a significant margin. If you’re looking to improve your transactional relationships, here are a few suggestions: 

  • Offer the lowest price
  • Provide the fastest checkout process possible
  • Have a wide array of colours and sizes (if applicable)
  • Provide the fastest delivery options

2. Come up with better content

Keep in mind that Amazon customers are still very much a content-hungry bunch of consumers that crave for quality. While it may be quite impractical to keep pushing a blog in your product descriptions or spend a fortune on video shoots, creating a brand story that resonates with your customers is one way to come up with better content that doesn’t get the best of you and your budget. 

Creating a brand story that resonates well with your customers essentially gives them more reasons to care about your products and purchase from your online store. To create a better brand story that works, you’ll first have to tell it effectively across all touchpoints, make sure it’s fresh and engaging, and then work on the quality of your materials. Once you’ve paid attention to how you’ll provide content for your potential customers, then you’re all set to see growth in your Amazon sales, repeat purchases, and your customer lifetime value (CLV).

3. Cultivate your customer relationships

One piece of advice that will definitely work in 2020 and beyond is that you should cultivate and own your customer relationships as best as you can. One essential factor that contributes to the overall success that any Amazon store can possibly achieve is the relationship that they have with their customers and their overall CLV. Instead of solely focusing on racking up sales and pushing new product options, devote a part of your time and efforts towards generating emotional connections and relationships with your customers as well! 

Final words

While there many different ways to attain success on Amazon, refining your core of customer relationships, sentimentality, and overall customer lifetime value will help you meet your goals much easier. By following the three tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to conquer the highly-competitive atmosphere of the Amazon marketplace this 2020 in no time! 

If you are looking for an Amazon consulting partner to help you successfully sell your products on Amazon, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.